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Diversity is the essential feature of the firm, in which people value individual and group differences, respect the perspectives of others and communicate openly. We have made considerable progress in advancing opportunities for minorities, finding ways to create career pathways for people from diverse backgrounds. By hiring people from diverse cultures and with diverse backgrounds and experiences, we gain the essential perspective necessary for achieving our business objectives around the world.
Diversity Strength in the differences
The firm is a values-driven law firm, guided by the principles of excellence, expertise, leadership, innovation, and diversity. Our values provide the benchmark for our collective and individual conduct and direction ranging from the Firm governance and management to our approach to client service.
Firm Values Practical wisdom, trusted advice.
At DGW Kramer, we built a firm tailor-made to the needs and opportunities of the 21st century global economy. With attorneys and staff across the United States and close affiliations with overseas firms, we can provide clients with assistance adjusted to their own unique needs and expectations. We effectively leverage technology to provide a streamlined approach to legal services, allowing us to provide cost-effective representation for our clients.
Innovation Common sense, uncommon approach

DGW Kramer Obtained a $28 Million Freezing Order in Asset Recovery Litigation

DGW Kramer LLP represents two judgment creditors in their international efforts to satisfy monetary judgments valued over USD $50 million.  After extensive investigation and asset research, litigators at DGW Kramer LLP successfully located the judgment debtor, who fled China upon being declared insolvent, and traced his substantial asset holdings in New Zealand.  As a consequence

What makes us different makes us better.